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..Snow Lily, a site collective owned by the one and only Karen. This collective serves as a gateway to all my sites currently online, as well as house some mini (one-page) fansites and fanlistings. Feel free to browse around, join some fanlistings and leave some comments on my sites. Navigation is above. If you need to reach me, just send me an e-mail =) Thank you for visiting and come back soon!

You are currently viewing version 4.0, featuring Kira Takuto and Mitsuki Kouyama from the animanga series Full Moon Wo Sagashite.

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Hello again! =) Welcome to the fourth version of Snow Lily! When I saw this on Lucien's site, I knew I had to use it. I love the colors and Lucien's work is always amazing; she has quite a unique design style. I think I can pick her work out if it was in a gallery that showcased the works of all graphic designers online! Full Moon Wo Sagashite is one of my favorite manga series and Takuto & Mitsuki is one of my favorite pairings as well. I'm in love with this layout already ♥

Anyways, no new updates yet..other than a brand new look. I've been rather busy offline and working on random things for each of my sites. It'll slowly be pieced together =) For now, browse around, visit one of my sites and enjoy this new look! Also, do visit Lucien @ Love Drug when you get the chance; I guarantee you won't regret it =)