About the Site

Snow Lily was coined based on my love of snow (though, there are times I dislike it lol) and lilies. Lilies are pretty flowers, especially the easter and stargazer lilies. I wanted a name that sounded pretty and delicate and the name Snow Lily came to mind.

This is my second attempt at a site collective and I intend to keep this site around longer than the first one =)

Previous Sites

Anime Legacy 101: my very first site. It was hosted on geocites.com and later kylosa.com. It was an anime site dedicated to my favorite animes and offered some graphics and interactive activities.
Lonely Tides: the remodelled version of Anime Legacy 101. It was hosted on limedaisy.com and had the same content as its precursor, but it slowly switched to offering graphics only.
Mesmerized: the newer version of Lonely Tides, but renamed. Hosted by Teddy of twilight-melody.org, Mesmerized was a smaller version of Lonely Tides, mainly offering PNGs and a select number of graphics.
Light of the Rosary: my first blog and an attempted fansite/shrine for Mitsuki Kouyama of Full Moon Wo Sagashite and Maron Kusakabe of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.
Stardust Medley: my first site/fanlisting collective. It was hosted by winter-wish.net and served the same purpose as this current site collective, Snow Lily, which is pretty much the resurrected version of Stardust Medley.
Lock & Key: an Amuto (Amu Hinamori and Ikuto Tsukiyomi of the series Shugo Chara!) fansite/shrine that I attempted to maintain when I decided to return to the online world. Once hosted by Misaki of three-words.net, Lock & Key offered information about the two, as well as some graphics.
Heart's Melody: Currently online, Heart's Melody is a PNG resource turned graphic site that offers premade layouts, icons and more.
Hibiscus: Resurrected and currently online, it's an AsuCaga (Athrun Zala and Cagalli Yula Athha of the series Gundam Seed/Destiny) fansite/shrine that offers lots of information about the two and their relationship, as well as some goodies such as graphics, fanfiction and fanart.

About the Webmiss

Name: Karen
Alias: Lady Ethiwen, Ethiwen, Ethie-Chan (Fan Fiction)
D.O.B: December 1
Occupation: Pharmacy Assistant, maybe a student again in the future
Other sites: Heart's Melody (graphics sites), Hibiscus (Athrun Zala & Cagalli Yula Athha fansite)
Best way to contact me: E-mail: karenc087@yahoo.ca
Likes: watching anime (i.e. Gundam Seed) and taiwanese dramas (i.e. Drunken to Love You), reading, going shopping, spending time with friends and boyfriend, drawing, hiking
Dislikes: liars!, people who use me and then push me away, spiders (and other insects)
Favorite animes/manga series: Gundam Seed/Destiny, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura, Shugo Chara, Ouran High School Host Club, RomeoxJuliet, Kamisama Kiss, Yumeiro Patissiere..and many more
Favorite pairings: Rizumu Amamiya and Hibiki Toudou, Athrun Zala & Cagalli Yula Athha, Kira Takuto & Mitsuki Kouyama, Chiaki Nagoya & Maron Kusakabe, Ikuto Tsukiyomi & Amu Hinamori, Ichigo Amano & Makoto Kashino, Tomoe & Nanami Momozono, Inuyasha & Kagome Higurashi

Instead of copying the same "about me" stuff on my other sites, I'll just leave it at that lol. I'm sure you all know who I am by now. As you can tell by the list of previous and current sites above, I have quite a bit of experience in graphic/web design and have owned (and co-owned) quite a few websites in the past. I have improved on my coding and graphic design over the years and am proud to be back =) I hope to further my knowledge and abilities in graphic/web design as well as complete many projects that I want to do.

Past Designs for Snow Lily