Ways to link back, collective affiliates

Here are some 88x31 buttons you can use to link back to the Snow Lily Network. Please upload these to your own server, if you choose to use one, and link back to

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Collective Affiliates

Apply to be affiliates?

Want to affiliate with the Snow Lily Network? Great! Here are the requirements:

1.) must be a collective. It can be a site or fanlisting collective; it doesn't matter as long as it's a collective.
2.) it can be on a free host, provided that it's pop-up and ad-free.
3.) collectives on a domain or subdomain are allowed.
4.) Do NoT tYpE lIkE tHiS or have any text like that.
5.) Your collective or any sites within your collective must not display anything unappropriate. Please remember that there are younger people that surf the web.
6.) must have a valid e-mail address; I need to contact you all somehow.
7.) proper english spelling and grammar please.
8.) you must link me back somewhere once accepted. I will do the same.
9.) do keep your collective updated.
10.) please put "My heart's fully charged" where it says "You ready?". This is to ensure that you have read the rules.

Ready to apply? Then please send an e-mail to (subject: Snow Lily Affiliation) with the following:

1.) Name
2.) E-mail
3.) Collective URL
4.) You ready?